Saturday at Sunken Garden

We try to keep our kids from being over scheduled, but it often leaves our weekends so open that we feel panicked trying to find things to do. We have been to a lot of museums, zoos, and botanical gardens in the quest to enrich our kids’ lives. Ehhhhhm… Honestly, we go so that we don’t lose our minds sitting at home with two brawling kids that always seem to be starving.

I’ve gotten pretty good at doing quick iPhone research on local places and events to see if something looks appropriate and fun for my pack of wild beasts. I can look through reviews, check out the ratings on Yelp, and do an image search on google to see what things really look like. Then I can find the restaurant or snack place that is close by to our destination that suits our starving children.

Last Saturday we felt like we had run out of ideas. It was going to be florida winter weather perfection so we wanted to be outside. We were coming up on the end of what seemed like a lifelong school vacation, and I wasn’t sure I could handle another kid things (no children’s museums, no zoos, no birthday parties).

Sunken Gardens seemed like a good destination. From Wesley Chapel to the garden in St. Petersburg it would take us about an hour. I was skeptical that my kids would really like it, but the adults were excited since that’s kinda our thing. Admission for all four of us was $28 ($10 each for adults and $4 each for kids). So it is cheaper than Mary Selby in Sarasota but more than (free) Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. It is attached to a children’s museum, which we worked hard to avoid.

The trip through the garden, which we did at a very fast pace, was about an hour or so. The flora and fauna is a mix of traditional Southern and tropical. Definitely a great place to kill an afternoon if you’re in the St. Petersburg area.

Sunken Gardens-14
Beautiful Bougainvillea lines the perimeter of the Garden. Stunning, especially to this New Englander that’s never seen the quintessential southern plant before.
Sunken Gardens-19
There are a few resident Flamingos…
Sunken Gardens-25
…and a few resident parrots that we got to meet.
Sunken Gardens-1
Sunken Gardens-26
You can have a fancy cocktail soiree, complete with chandelier.
Sunken Gardens-3
Or you can have a wedding right in the gardens.
Sunken Gardens-5
Beautiful, peaceful pathways…

Sunken Gardens-15Sunken Gardens-7

Sunken Gardens-17
Rest on a bench in a bamboo garden.
Sunken Gardens-28
The Palms grow tall…
Sunken Gardens-23
…and the vines grow tall, too.

Sunken Gardens-13Sunken Gardens-29Sunken Gardens-8Sunken Gardens-11Sunken Gardens-6Sunken Gardens-27Sunken Gardens-2Sunken Gardens-12

Sunken Gardens-24
Sunken has a few koi ponds.

Sunken Gardens-9Sunken Gardens-16Sunken Gardens-30Sunken Gardens-4


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