Fusion at Nitally’s


Thai-Mexican Fusion. Let that sink in. Thai AND Mexican.

Two of my favorite cuisines.

We rolled up for a Friday lunch. The menu we found online looked like it would fit perfectly in our day, offering both vegetarian and carnivore dishes. My husband travels a lot, and he has eaten vegetarian Thai dishes in nearly every state. We knew we’d be able to judge that ThaiMex dish in just one bite.

The restaurant is located on Central Ave in St. Petersburg, very close to the Taco Bus in the hipster part of town. God bless those hipsters and their culinary tastes. We street parked, which was really easy on a weekday. The outside of the restaurant was humble, maybe even a little off-putting. My husband and I gave each other the scary eyes but we were committed. We walked in the front door and waited to be seated. The restaurant is much larger inside than you’d suspect, and the atmosphere is very casual. We were seated close to the back and of the maybe 25 tables, only a few were empty. They had a few large parties seated and lots of business lunch looking folks.

Service: It was alright. Our waiter disappeared a bit, but he checked in with us several times. He forgot silverware, but considering there were two waiters for the entire restaurant he is forgiven.

Drinks: They offer a lot of drinks, both alc and non-alc. Boba, juices, and some good sounding cocktails. I’m not usually a day-drinker, but my husband was on vacation and I was YOLO-ing hard. I ordered a Thai Basil and Lemongrass Mojito. Again, a Thai Basil and Lemongrass Mojito. Yes. It was huge. It was strong. It was so good. Honestly, I was tipsy half-way through and never even finished the thing. Wow.

Food: I ordered the Panang Mole Tofu and my husband ordered the Chipotle Stir Fry Tofu. The menu is mostly Thai, with several fusion entrees and fusion burritos on the back. I ordered mine mild and hubs went medium. He likes hot, but we wanted to share. I took a single bite and made the eyes at my husband. “This is a drink the sauce kind of place,” I said. The Panang Mole sauce was rich, spicy, and had a really good depth. It was sweet enough without being syrupy and everything I love about a good Thai curry. I didn’t find it especially Mole-ish, but I’m assuming that brought the depth. The vegetables in the dish were fresh (not frozen), and it was topped with raw purple cabbage (crunch) and cilantro (obviously the best herb of ever). The tofu was steamed (not fried), and the white rice that came with it was the perfect amount. I wanted to share, but after a few bites of mine I was apprehensive to let any of it go. I knew I had to share at least a bite for science. I grabbed a piece of fried tofu from husband’s plate and dipped it into the sauce. It. was. incredible. Smoky and spicy and impossibly good. We threw a lot of Wows and Oh My Gods across the table as we chowed.

Overall: We will be back. Soon. It’s a half hour or more from our house, but worth squeezing the drive out of our busy day. It’s unique and delicious.

For more information you can visit their website (which seems to need some updating) and their Facebook page. Trip Advisor has what looked to be a current menu and some reviews.


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