R. E. Olds Park in Oldsmar, FL

Some weekends we spend the better part of at least one morning trying to come up with somewhere to go before lunch. We scour Yelp, search through Google, and try to get inspired. It’s good to get the kids out and get us all a little activity walking around somewhere. It’s better if that outing is free.

Last weekend we ended up at R. E. Olds Park in Oldsmar. It is easy to get to from our neighborhood on the Safety Harbor/Countryside line. It is a waterfront park that has a shoreline across the bay from Phillipe Park.

It has nice walkways through the park, although not very long trails. The trees were in bloom and there were plenty of benches overlooking the water.

Mangroves and Shoreline at R. E. Olds Park

IMG_1395 2

Blooming Trees at R. E. Olds Park

The park has a long fishing pier. It is very weathered, which I felt added to the beauty.

IMG_1392 2

Pier at R. E. Olds Park
View of R. E. Olds Park from Pier
Stormy Skies above R. E. Olds Park

My kids were mostly excited for the playgrounds located in the park. I counted three. One is very large and includes an older wooden structure. There is a field and a stage area, as well.

Playground at R. E. Olds Park

The park was populated enough that Saturday morning, but not so crowded that it was uncomfortable. There was a family fishing in the water near the mangroves and on the pier. There is lots of parking, and even some shaded picnic tables. It is complete with real restrooms! We spent about an hour but could have been there longer if we had brought a ball and some lunch.

The park is named after Ransom Eli Olds, the entrepreneur that founded Oldsmar in 1916. He was the first producer of the REO Speedwagon.


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