Craft Cocktails at Craft Street Kitchen

Tuesday nights can be so bleh, you know? I’m always glad to meet someone out at a new place. I had heard good things about Craft Street, and frankly their cocktail menu looked intriguing. I asked my friend to meet me there and, since she had been there before, I got a resounding HECK YES. We got there at 7pm. My GPS took me to Chilis, which is in the general area, but Craft Street is actually in a plaza tucked back to the left of Publix. Parking was kinda brutal. I ended up down at the Publix lot, but truth be told it wasn’t a bad walk. The restaurant was hopping, but my friend already had a spot for me at the bar WITH A DRINK WAITING. It was some kind of shot and involved a pledge/Street Rules. I was happy to oblige. It was a long work day for both of us so we ordered a couple of cocktails. She got a Smoked Old Fashioned, which involves some fire and smoke and Bourbon (all good things). I got a dry, extra dirty Grey Goose martini. It was very excellent, but I was really envious of the Smoked Old Fashioned (which later became my dessert).

Smoked Old Fashion (if you don’t like Bourbon, it’s still fun to watch the bartender make this!)
Dry, Extra Dirty Grey Goose Martini (pretty big pour on this sucker)
Really Nice Bar with Seasonal/Changing Beer Selection

The food menu is a fusion of down-home Southern mixed with a definite fresh, artisan spin. We ordered a few starters to share so we could focus on the more important part of our meal, cocktails. Looking back, considering how good the starters were, I wish we had included an entree. Or a flatbread. Or a dessert. The French Onion Soup Rings are great. They’re fried perfectly, the batter isn’t too heavy, and they are accompanied by some sauces that are bomb. I’m not always a sauce person, but the IPA fondue made it’s way onto my plate. We also got an order of the Buffalo Cauliflower. I get Buffalo Cauliflower at lots of different places, and I think I enjoyed Craft Street’s the most. It is a very simple appetizer (fried cauliflower florets covered in butter and hot sauce) but this one was executed perfectly. The celery on the side was even crisp. BOOM. The food is simple and casual, but across the board everything was high quality. That’s pretty much the dream for me. Their atmosphere is also simple and casual, and well executed.

French Onion Soup Rings (look at all of that IPA fondue!) and Buffalo Cauliflower

They have another location in Oldsmar, which is very close to my house. Hmmmm…

Yes, I will go back. I will save a whole day’s worth of calories. I will order the Smokey Old Fashion. I will sit at the bar. And I will try to bring more people so I can try their food, too. I’ve got plans for you, Craft Street!



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