October at Fox Squirrel Corn Maze

A huge transition we made when we moved from New England to Tampa Bay always hits me hard in October. I know that according to your calendar fall is 3 months. Fall, in fact, is a single month: October. And while you have to squeeze all of the apple picking, pumpkin pie making, corn maze walking, and bale of hay sitting into those 31 days before you freeze, fall is THE BEST. The crisp air, the falling leaves, the world slowing down to prepare for the Holidays.

In Florida, it’s different. A few years ago we decided we would try harder to find a good pumpkin patch, or apple picking, or just some kind of fall activity that would show our kids a little of what we grew up with.

We stumbled through a google search and ended up deciding on Fox Squirrel in Plant City. It was a good pick and we have returned every year since. They have lots of activities for everyone from hay rides to badminton to dummy steer roping. They have a pumpkin patch, too. And they usually have roasted corn, kettle corn, and boiled peanuts!

To be honest, none of those things are the best things about Fox Squirrel. The grounds are stunningly beautiful. Cows wander free through huge fields with shady trees. The wildflower beds are enormous. The entire place is out of my New England dreams.

Wildflowers at Fox Squirrel
Cows at Fox Squirrel
Cow at Fox Squirrel
Corn Maze at Fox Squirrel

They have a great website that gives you the weekends they are open and more information. Their season is short, so please check before you make the trip!


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